Our People

Alexander "Axie" Quarrier Blundon
CEO & Co-Founder

Axie Blundon

Axie Blundon is a serial entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of House of Brandstracts, a manufacturer and distributor of branded cannabis products based in Asheville, North Carolina. House of Brandstracts operates in North Carolina and Virginia and consistently maintains a market presence from New Orleans to New York. As a legacy operator, Axie got started full time in the regulated cannabis industry in 2012 while working in politics to change the laws, specifically Ammendment 64 to legalize adult use of cannabis in Colorado. Following legalization, Axie took a position as Director of Sponsorship for O.penVAPE / Organa Brands, the first company to market with the now ubiquitous pre-filled cartridges. He took the same role with America's first cannabis tourism company, Denver’s My 420 Tours. In 2017, Axie co-founded StraightHemp.com and built that brand and business to considerable success before selling the majority of his stake in the company. Axie then co-founded House of Brandstracts in 2018, and in 2020, when COVID-19 changed the world forever, Axie launched Helios Sanitizer. House of Branstracts is currently applying for cannabis licenses in Virginia and North Carolina in preparation to become one of the first East Coast-born multi-state operators (MSOs). Axie currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina and enjoys making plant-based meals and spending time outside with friends and family. 

Zebulon "Zeb" Octavian Bowles
Director of Lab Operations & Co-Founder

Zeb Bowles

Zeb is a Dad, partner, pilot, professional fiddle player and now cannabis chemist. Zeb lured Axie from Colorado back east to North Carolina with his hemp processing license and lease on the first Brandstracts facility.

Meredith "Coach" Newman

Meredith Newman

Meredith has a background as a star athlete, collegiate sports coach and Athletic Director at her alma mater in Amherst where she resides on a family farm that is the Company’s first forever home, hosting cultivation, on site extraction as well as an organic farm that helps to feed team members, friends and family. 

Wilson Bowles

Wilson Bowles

Wilson is tech savvy beast who get’s behind the engine of our machines and our technology to optimize and improve as we go. As a sound engineer and tour manager Wilson spreads the good word from coast to coast.

Taylor Hartshorn

Taylor Hartson

Taylor is our constant hand pressing production along hour by hour, day by day. Taylor came to Asheville from suburban Baltimore and has made Asheville and the House of Brandstracts home following many years of faithful service to UPS and the retail warehouse distribution world.